Overseas Tours Bars you From Donating Blood

topic posted Wed, February 22, 2006 - 11:44 AM by  Wendy
Hey everyone,
I found out today that I am ineligible to donate blood, indefinately. Why? Mad Cow disease. Or to be more specific, vCJD or Variant Creuztfeld Jakob Disease. It would appear that we were sending meat to Europe which MIGHT contain parts which COULD have been infected, and which MAY lead to a potential risk in contraction to recievers of blood from donors living in those areas from 1980-1996. As much as I want to say, what a load of hogwash and reactionary posturing, I guess I can't really bitch too much. Apparently, it takes 10-22 years for symptoms to occur, and I ate a lot of lamb and beef on the economy in Germany, Italy, and Bavaria. So, I am potentially tainted. My question is, would this be covered retrospectively by TRICARE/CHAMPUS? I wonder if I did contract this (like I even think there is a possibility, pfffft), as a result of eating meat that our nation sent to theirs, would I be left out in the cold and have to fight similar to the Gulf War vets and their syndrome? Or would I be taken care of? Big questions. I am not too worried about it though. I am ticked off that I cannot donate blood ever again and I am only 34. I think the military needs to inform it's memebers going overseas, or having been overseas to kiss their blood donations goodbye, because I wasted 30 minutes filling out forms and answering questions only to be told NOPE.
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    Wed, February 22, 2006 - 5:06 PM
    It's because of meat sent from the US abroad? That's wierd because Europe has had many more cases of CJD than the US and Canada. The US had it's first case of Mad Cow only like 2 years ago. Are you sure the reason isn't because of meat you ate there?

    I still can't get blood pudding from the UK thanks to Mad Cow. :(
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      Thu, February 23, 2006 - 7:19 AM
      Yup, I was told by the blood bank that it was because of our meat. I asked them about the USDA meat we ate from our commissaries, and was told that the meat sold in our commissaries was under different regulations due to being exports. I informed them that exports went outside of the military bases, and that our meat IN the military bases was not considered imported, since it stayed on American soil, ships, airplanes, trucks etc. I was told that I had been told wrong, therefore, our potentially tainted meats sold in Europe through both the commissary and the economy had potential to carry the infection. Sheesh. I too think it's BS, but since I did in fact eat local lamb and beef, I still fall under that category. I could always lie and give blood to an area which doesn't have my name on file, but what if I happen to show symptoms in the next 5 years? I could then be potentially responsible for infecting innocent folks. So, no, my integrity remains intact, however I still feel slighted. I also still believe we should inform the soldiers and their families who were overseas during that time that they cannot donate anymore.

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